WOW #8

Ok we have been doing this for 2 months now. Just want to check and make sure everyone is still wanting this to continue. I am starting to see the same names on the board so we are going to start to introduce some of the more advanced exercises if no one else is gonna play lol.

4 Min. AMRAP:
10 GHD Sit Ups
20 BB Thrusters 65/45


  1. I like them!!!

  2. I like them and will continue to do them even though Bruce usually beats me( :

  3. I like them!

  4. I think it is good for the gym

  5. I like them too.

  6. I like them too, especial when movements are body weight lifts or no weights.

  7. I like them but some weeks are busy. I also think some people may be away so participation may pick up in the fall.