WOW #5

I have been trying to keep these WOW’s so that they don’t need to be scaled. I am going to have to start getting into some other exercises that may need to be scaled for some people. If you do have to scale something it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play, just means you need to pick someone who also scales and challenge them head to head.

3 Min WOW:
30 Box Jumps 24/18 (Must Stand up on the Box)
Row for Meters

Your score will be your meters rowed in the remaining time after you complete your 30 box jumps.


  1. Is it possible to create a wow Whiteboard so we can record our wow scores online?

  2. How about the WOWs be 1 and done!? I’ve done 2 twice but only because I thought I could do better AFTER I saw what others managed. If its 1 and done it will encourage all of us to give all the 1st time and not have somebody else’s score go harder or faster. Just a suggestion.

  3. Pat,
    I created a Whiteboard online for each of the WOW’s.

    I like your idea of one and done, but here is my hesitation on that. Everyone is going to want to know the number to beat and so no one is going to go until late in the week and then we are going to be bombarded with WOW requests on Friday and Saturday when we are already just running one trainer most of the time.

    If people will commit to doing the workouts regardless of whats up on the board already I am ok with it.

  4. I think one and done is a dumb idea ;).

  5. Thanks Jason

  6. That’s cause you’re a slacker Heather!!! 😉