WOW #3

We had a little less participation in last weeks WOW than in Week one but there are some fierce rivalries starting to pop up. Is everyone having fun with this and want to see it continue or is there another format you’d like to see. Please give me your thoughts to the comments section.

Last weeks’ winners board is posted below. Congrats to Craig and Liz for winning their age groups and the overall also.


4 Min AMRAP:
2 Slam Ball 50/30
2 Wall Ball 20/14
4 Slam Ball 50/30
4 Wall Ball 20/14
6 Slam Ball 50/30
6 Wall Ball 20/14
Etc. Counting up by 2 reps each time until the 4 minutes is up. Score will be total Reps. The tie break will be fastest time to the last completed round.

Standards on Slam ball will be that the ball must be over head and your hips and knees must be open at the top. Wall Ball standards will be as usual full squat at the bottom and the ball must hit the target line at the top. Close WON’T count on this one.

I want to see more names on the board this time around!!! Let’s get into this. Even if you’re not gonna win the board or even your category we all know that there is someone who’s name you look for on the board. Challenge them head to head.


  1. What do you think, Melissa?! Think you can hang this week??

  2. Definitely want to see it continue! Format is great!

  3. Let us not forget who took the board 2 weeks ago;) and as far as this week…I’ll let the board speak for me! I’m comin for you Liz!

  4. LOVE this WOW stuff. So much fun. Please keep it.

  5. Keep the WOWs! They motivate me!

  6. I love the WOWs! And I am not just saying this because I was #2 this week 🙂

  7. I like the w.o.w.. and want to see it continue.. 🙂

  8. I enjoy doing the wow as well. Please keep doing them.

  9. Love the wow its very motivating.