V-Day WOD?

Craig had mentioned that friday would be a partner workout…after reviewing the movements I suggest picking your partner carefully.

3 Rounds for Time:
30 Dumbell Snatch 45/25 (Total)
20 Wall Ball 30/20
10 Toes to Bar


  1. Lol. Cool

  2. That’s pretty cool actually, lol

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  4. Haha umm, is this a joke?

  5. Stephanie, when is a good time to call you? I check my inbox frequently and have not recieved anything. I will help you today anytime! My website is. http://Www.advocare.com/13106712. Today is the day to order so it will be at your house by Saturday. Email is. Lawrence_99@hotmail.com

  6. It wouldn’t matter who I had for a partner, there is no way I could do this without laughing through the whole thing. I’d be weak with giggles.

  7. Darn, Terry and I have been practicing!

  8. Lol!