Here are a few important details about the upcoming week:

Please begin to bring in the gifts and donations for the families. I am going to partition off the hallway by family. Please see either Bruce or myself as you bring your gifts in so that we can check it off and make sure everything is accounted for.

I’d like to get an idea of how many people we will have at the gym on Sunday for the delivery of the gifts. Please comment below if you plan on meeting at the gym at 12:30 and heading out to the houses with us at 1:00. Anyone who went last year that wants to comment about their experience with it please do so.

We will be closed Friday night for the Christmas party, and will also be closed on Saturday morning…(Didi I mention the Christmas Party was Open Bar. enough said)

For Time:
2 Cleans 95/65
2 Push Jerk 95/65
4 Clean 95/65
4 Push Jerk 95/65
6 Clean 95/65
6 Push Jerk 95/65
8 Clean 95/65
8 Push Jerk 95/65
10 Clean 95/65
10 Push Jerk 95/65
400 m Run
30 Clean and Jerk 95/65


  1. We have our gifts and we’ll bring them in this week. Definitely count us in on Sunday for the delivery too. Wouldn’t miss being part of that again!

  2. Our family would like to help deliver the presents.

  3. Becky and I will be there

  4. Jedd and I with our two kids will be there.. With bells on!!;)

  5. I’ll be there with my girls.

  6. Phyllis the kids and I will be there and can help transport the gifts as well

  7. The Skaffs will be there! We are super excited to bring the kiddos with us this year.