Thank You

I want to congratulate everyone who ran Pat’s Run on Saturday. I looked at the times online and everyone did well.

I know that for some of you it was just another day,¬†or just another run, and for some of you it’s less distance than your regular races and training runs. To you take pride in knowing that you helped a really good organization and ran for a good cause.

There are many others though that did the run on Saturday that have never done this or any other race before. People who never thought they would have or could have. For you this wasn’t just another day, this was maybe the first day in a long time you really felt like an athlete, got chills from getting your first race shirt or crossing your first finish line. It’s you who I really feel I need to thank.

Every trainer is different. Some love to take good or great athletes and make them a little bit better. I’ll admit that I enjoy this also, but my real joy comes from the rest of you. It takes a far greater level of trust and confidence for you to believe me when I say that I believe in you and that you can do it. It takes courage to take that chance and try it. To you I want to say thank you. Seeing you achieve these milestones reminds me why I love this job. Thank you, and I am very proud of each of you.