Thank you all so much. I love this gym and everything we can accomplish when we come together. I hope that everyone had a great time at the party on Friday night . I love seeing everyone get together. i believe we have the best group of people in all of CrossFit.

I especially want to thank everyone who bought a gift and or came out on Sunday with us to deliver them. It means a lot to me to see you all come together and help these families. To see all of the kids walking up carrying presents and wishing the families Merry Christmas meant the world to me.

Just so everyone know Joey had decided to give me a week off and so these are all his workouts this week. Don’t blame me. And just a heads up in advance Sat will be a partner WOD.

Deadlift @ 185/135
Toes 2 bar


  1. This one called “Grip Gone”?

  2. This WOD must be performed by stashing an open beer in your hoodie…….at least through 21.

  3. Thank you Jason, for giving us these opportunities to give to families in need. It’s very humbling.
    Also, thank you for the par-tay!! Great times, with great people!! 🙂

  4. I felt so much love this weekend, and now I feel so much hate for Joey. It’s an odd balance of sorts.

  5. Jason,
    Cant tell you how much fun I had at your event. Everyone I interacted with was AMAZING ans so much fun!
    I cant remember the last event I ever bartended where I volunteered to do the “Roxanne” exercise. lol
    Thanks again for a great evening. Looking to connect with you again soon for upcoming events.
    Glad to see the Gift giving was a success!
    Merry Christmas.

  6. I second Janet! Thank YOU Jason for providing an outlet to reach these families in need. What a great experience! This made my Christmas!!

  7. These workouts are amazing…..