Strength and Skill Work 5/12 – 5/18

Strength WOD’s:

We will begin a new strength program next week so we will be using this week to test Max Loads for the next cycle and evaluate our progress on the last cycle. The testing schedule for the week is listed below:

Monday: Back Squat and Shoulder Press
Tuesday: Deadlift and Push Jerk
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Clean and Front Squat
Friday: Bench Press and Snatch

Skill Work:

We will be looking into modifying the goals chart for the second half of the year. We will have more detail coming out about that soon. If you have any thoughts or things you’d like to see please let me know.

I really want people to take some time and test where they are in relation to their Quarter 2 Goal this week. Please don’t wait till the last minute to find out if you are on track. I don’t want anyone to miss their goals. We have time to address them still.

Bodyweight / Gymnastics Goals:

Muscle Up Work:
3 x 10 Chest to Ring Pull Ups, 3 x 10 Toes to Ring, 3 x 10 Ring Dips, 3 x 10 Skin the Cat

Push Up Work:
50 Push Up Negatives (Lowering yourself slowly to the ground)
2 x  1 minute of push-ups / 1 minute of sit-ups
3 x  30 seconds of push-ups / 30 seconds of sit-ups
4 x  15 seconds of push-ups / 15 seconds of sit-ups
(No Rest Between Sets)

Box Jump Work:
5 x 3 Back Squat (65%) with a 3 second pause at bottom, 5 x 3 Box Jumps 80% Max Height with a 3 sec. squat pause before take off.

Handstand Work:
3:00 Handstand Hold with minimal wall contact, Every :30 for 10 minutes KB Shoulder Press as Heavy as possible

Met Con Goals

2 x 5 Min Running (estimate the distances it will take to fill 5 min or run out 2:30 and then turn around), 5 Min Rowing, 5 Min Airdyne

6 x 400 m Rest :45 between

5 x 250 m Row / 50 Jumping Jacks As fast as Possible

Weightlifting Goals

10 x 2 Hand Squat Snatch

3 Push Jerk EMOTM 10 Minutes (Progress weight at minutes 3 and 6)

1 Rep Max Load Weighted Pull Up, then 8 x 3 at 50%

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  1. Okay wait, is the paleo challenge over then? Because if so I’m going to go eat that mothers day cheesecake I turned down earlier ;). Seriously though, was it one month- 4 weeks or 30 days? Are we supposed to come in and re test our body fat levels and such?