Strength and Skill 4/21 – 2/28

Strength WOD’s:
Week #6 Last week  was a back off week. This week and next week we get heavy again. You’re almost to the end though so keep going.

Skill Work:

Bodyweight / Gymnastics Goals:

Handstand Push Up Work:
20 Wall Walks (If you can Wall Walk well then do a wall facing handstand push up every time you get to the wall.)
20 Scooter V Ups

Push Up Work:
Bottom to Bottom Tabata Push Ups (:20 of Push Ups followed by :10 rest. The rest period must be held in the bottom of the push ups just barely off the ground)

Pull Up Work:
4:00 Max Rep 50 ft. Rope Pull Downs or 30 Standing Rope Climbs

Box Jump Work:
3 x 1 Min Max Rep Jumping Squats 45/35 (rest as needed between rounds)


Met-Con Goals:
Tabata Airdyne Bike for Max Calories

2 x (100 m, 200m, 400m, 800m Run) Rest 1:1 (If the 100 takes you 15 sec. you rest for 15 sec. then run your 200 in 40 sec. rest for 40 sec. etc…)


Weightlifting Goals:
2 Hang Squat Snatch EMOTM for 10 minutes increasing in weight each round

5 Rounds of 10 Front Squat (10th rep should be a near maximal effort) / 10 Box Jumps 30″+

8 x 4 Split Squat Weight should feel about 70% effort