Strength and Endurance WODs 5/20 – 5/26

Strength WOD’s:
This is week 8. This is a back off week for weights and then we will be testing Max Loads Next Week. IF YOU RREN’T DOING THE STRENGTH WOD’S TIGHT NOW BUT WANT TO START, NEXT WEEK IS YOUR CHANCE TO TEST YOUR MAX LOADS AND JOIN THE GROUP.

Endurance WOD’s:
#1. Repeat 1:00 on,1:00 off, until form/pace deteriorates

#2. 4 x 800m / 3:00 Rest

#3. 3M TT


  1. I will be joining the strengh w.o.ds next week….

  2. I know that myself and the new taller Jennifer would like to do strength…I have what I believe most of my max weights written down, but it will be good to double check and get with the program! 🙂