Ok guys so last month I asked what people wanted to see and next month I’m gonna deliver, unfortunately everyone got back to me at once so it’s gonna be a busy August. I’ll have flyers and sign up sheets posted my Monday but I wanted to put it out there so people can start thinking about it.

Yoga will be offered every Saturday in August and on Friday the 9th and 23rd. The cost is still $10 per person and that is going directly to the instructor for their time, the gym is not charging or making any money on that.

August 11th. Stand Up Paddle Boarding Trip to Lake Pleasant. We will meet at the gym at 8am to get some carpools going and head up to the lake. We will have availability for up to 20 people to go who need to rent paddle boards when we get there. Cost for those requiring rentals will be $35 for the 3 hours.  We are planning on getting on the water at about 10:00 and there will be about 45 minutes of instruction and then we will have the boards to ourselves for 2 hours after that. He has offered to put together some races, relays, obstacle courses, yoga or other stuff for us or we can just go off on our own to paddle around.  Once we return the boards we will go to the restaurant on the pier for lunch and head back to the gym after that. Should be back by 4:00 or 5:00.

August 14th. Trampoline Dodgeball!!!! We will be closing the gym at 7 pm that night and will be heading over to Jump Street. Cost will be $8 per person for 2 hours. We will play a double elimination tournament CrossFit style. We are looking to have 8 teams of 5. Teams must be co-ed with at least 2 girls on each. If we get more people than that we will increase the size of the teams. Start planning now and be ready to sign up next week.

August 18th. Double Under Clinic. This date is 90% confirmed but if it’s not the 18th it will be within that weekend somewhere. Once I confirm the date I will post the registration link but the class is 2 hours long and costs $45. We had to guarantee 20 spots in order to bring this class to our gym and I know we have more than 20 people who want and need Double Unders so please make sure we fill it.

September 8th. Olympic Weightlifting Class taught by August Schmidt from EVCF. This class will be $40 and is from 10:00 – 2:00. The first 1:30 will be spent on the snatch and then there will be an hour lunch break and the second 1:30 will be spent on the Clean and Jerk. We are allowing 25 people to sign up for this class. If we fill that we will look at the possibility of adding more spots. It will be first come first served.

September 15th. Flex RX flexibility class. Kevin Kula is coming back in to do another class. He has taken the feedback from the previous class and made some huge improvements to his class and the structure. If you attended the first one he did here you can attend this one for free. The structure has changed and now this class will be $45 for 1:30 of stretching covering some of the most important stretches in greater detail and includes a digital copy of Kevin’s Book. If after this class you are wanting more detailed instruction he has created a Level 2 class and you can get the details for that class at the end of Level 1.

For Time:
60, 40, 30 Sit Ups
30, 20, 10 Burpee Box Jumps


  1. Whoa…super cool that you’ve got all these activities planned, looking forward to dodgeball, lifting clinic and double unders! Thanks!!

  2. Double under clinic is on my calendar!!!

  3. WOW…you have been a busy bee in creating all of this! Thanks! Hope to see some of you in August at Yoga:))

  4. going to be a great August. looking forward to all of the events :).