Everyone please read this and get involved. Right now more than ever I’d like to see this community come together around one of it’s own and let’s really help out one of the kindest and greatest people I know.

As many of you know Nate Lanzon was a beloved member of our gym and an amazing coach. He has touched a lot of your lives. Nate moved to NYC to continue pursuing his goals of helping others. That was a brave move that took a lot of courage. This past weekend Nate suffered an apartment fire that has left him homeless with very few possessions left. The good news is that he and his beard were both unharmed.

He is always a member of CFFS no matter where he lives!!! I know of many of you he has helped personally, Let’s repay it to him in this great time of need.

His current gym has set up a website with t-shirts to sell with the proceeds going to Nate directly. I encourage everyone to purchase a t-shirt. I’d love to send him a picture some day of a Sat WOD and everyone is wearing his shirt to show support.

On top of the t-shirts you an buy I would ask that everyone really dig in and make whatever donation you can. We will take any and all donations from $10 to $100 Whatever you can do is going to be greatly appreciated. We will collect donations in the gym from Today through next Saturday the 16th and then we will send Nate all of the money and love that I know this family can provide.




  1. One of the nicest, most sincere people out there. I hate that this happened to him. I’m putting a $100 bill in the jar next time I get to the bank. I wouldn’t do that for too many people, but Nate is a class act. Help him out if you can. Anything will help

  2. Jason, went to order a t shirt and it appears that I might have to fly to NY to pick up. Is there a way to get a bulk order out of the gym that can be sent to forever strong? Let me know.

  3. If anyone deserves a “Rally” its Nate Dog. If you don’t want a shirt, just donate to his gym website! Its easy. So many prayers going his way. Miss everyone at CFFS!