Please Read all INFO…

Ok…We have a lot to get to so I’m going to try to make this brief and just hit the highlights.

I want to start off first and just say that one of our members Heather Eck has suffered a really big loss this weekend, some of you may know the story. Heather will be traveling this week for her nieces services. She is in need of some help with a rental car. We  have a lot of members and I thought maybe some of you might have connections with someone in this field that could get a car for her at a discounted rate or donated. If not that’s ok but it can’t hurt to ask.

Halloween Hours. It is s very slow night in the gym on Halloween and we will be closing down a little early to let everyone go spend time with their kids and Trick or Treat. Gym will be closing at 6:30

WOW…Do it! It’s going away for a while after this week.

We will be doing the Annual Holiday Body Fat Contest again this year. First dunk will be on Nov. 23, so start planning your final meals before this starts. Same cost as always. $100 to get in, ($35 for each Dunk and $30 into the winners pot) I will get a Sign Up sheet in here Soon.

Christmas Party tickets will be going on sale this week. I will be getting a flyer posted with all the info and then I’d like to start selling tickets right away so that we can focus on other things in Dec.

We will be doing the Adopt a family program again this year. I will get more info out about this ASAP but please start planning on participating in this. If you did it last year you know how amazing that day was, If you missed it trust me you don’t want to again.

We will be revamping the goals board for next year and will be rolling out quarterly challenges. Just mentioning that because we noticed that there are a lot of goals not met and interest faded after a little bit so with shorter goals and prizes if you get all 4 quarter goals.

We are scrapping both sweatshirt designs that were previously out there. There was a pretty split vote between 1, 2, and neither so we canned them all and are going with these instead.

Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt (Thermal, Color Heavy Metal)
KB Long Sleeve








Men’s Sweatshirt (Hoodie choice of Zip Up or Pull Over, Color…Working that out right now. They don’t make the same charcoal color in both a pull over and a zip up. Might have to do Black or Red. I will post the final color ASAP but this will be the design either way)
Overhead Hoodie










Women’s Long Sleeve Shirt (Scoop neck, Dark Gray as pictured. I will have some samples in this week to try on)
Women's KB Long Sleeve








Women’s Sweatshirt (Choice of Zip up and Pull Over. Again trying to finalize color because they don’t have a matching color gray in both pull over and zip. Might have to go to a medium grey, black, red or I might try a carolina blue. I’ll post final color option ASAP but the design will be the same.)
Women's Heart Hoodie










I will be getting a Pre Order sheet made this week and we will begin once I am able to finalize the color of sweatshirt. Please post your thoughts on the new designs to the comments section.

10 Min AMRAP:
200 m Run
20 Clean and Jerk 95/65/35
200 m Run
20 Clean and Jerk 135/95/55
200 m Run
20 Clean and Jerk 155/105/65
200 m Run
Max Reps Clean and Jerk 155/105/65

You will be responsible for your own weight changes. The weights are Men’s RX/Men’s Scaled & Women’s RX/Women’s Scaled. If you choose a path to go in and can’t do the next weight up stay at the last successful weight and do your max reps there.



  1. I love the women’s t-shirt and sweatshirt. Too bad they don’t have that color grey for the sweatshirt. 🙁

  2. I love the new designs. Will the women’s sweatshirts be more of a woman’s cut? I vote for Carolina Blue or Red sweatshirts. Brian votes for Red sweatshirt for the guys.

  3. Liking this round of designs better than the previous. I don’t have connections for a rental car however I would be happy to donate to Heather if she’ll be around tonight after 4:30pm.

  4. I agree, the current Shirts and Hoodies look much better. If it matters, my Preference is Charcoal.

  5. Whoever the girls were that “X’d” the pink…lame!

  6. I like the Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt and the color is good…

  7. Every design looks awesome. Thanks J for all your hard work in trying to “please” everyone! You’re doing a great job.

  8. If there is a women’s sweatshirt and charcoal gray whether it is pullover or zip-that’s the one I vote for. That sample is awesome!!