Paleo Made Easy

Paleo Made Easy

We have an amazing opportunity available to you. Paleo Meals or Zone Meals delivered fresh daily directly to the gym. Chef Christopher has started a business in which he prepares either Paleo or Zoned meals (Your choice which plan you want) fresh every night and will be delivering them to the gym daily at 5am. You can pick up your meal whenever is convenient for you. I have sampled some of his meals and they are well worth it.

“Zone Diet Solutions helps to make your life incredibly easy. We offer you the meals you need to be successful in your fitness goals without the daily headache of meal time. Our meals are perfectly balanced by the Zone and Paleo Diet standards, and are hand crafted by professional chefs. Make your life easier, throw out your measuring cups and scales, and forget about shopping.

Zone Diet Solutions gives the freshest, healthiest, most delicious gourmet meals available. Unlike most other diet plans, we shop daily to bring you the freshest food possible. You will never get a block of food that has been frozen solid. Our program gives you the best food to help you meet your fitness and health goals.”

They have several options available from single meal placement orders to a weeks worth, to a recurring weekly order. You will select the Forever Strong logo as your pick up location and then place your order in the appropriate box.

We will be having a tasting event on Sat. the 21st from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. Chef Christopher will be bringing down several menu items and allowing us to sample the food before you decide. If you decide to order your delivery will begin Monday the 23rd.

  If you plan on attending please post to the comments section so that we can plan for how much food to provide.