One Week Left…Please Help

Please don’t wait till the last minute…The jar to donate for Nate will be out till this Saturday. At that time I will close it out and send Nate the total of all your donations.

I personally thank each of you for coming together to help him in this time of need. He is a great coach and person and if anyone I know deserves a hand up it’s Nate.

21, 15, 9 Reps of each
Squat Clean 135/95
KB Swings 72/44


  1. I’ve been getting asked a lot of questions still about the Games from people in the gym. Here’s an article I wrote for that answer the more common questions. For anyone who cares, here’s some of the behind the scenes stuff that I took away from the Games.

  2. Nick, great write-up about your experience at the 2014 Games!! Thanks for sharing….might you ever incorporate the graston tool into your therapy?