No Worries…

I came across this video today. I have heard Nick’s story before, but this video is a great summation. Please watch and listen to what he has to say. Who knows maybe there is something in here that hits home for you. Please share your thoughts and comment about this video. What are you thankful for, what do you struggle with, what can we do to help.


  1. Thanks for posting this Jason! I’ve had the honor to meet him and hug him and hear his testimony in person. He is truly an inspiration and his words and life are a gift to us all. He really does put things in perspective and I definitely needed to be reminded of this today.

  2. Wow! I loved this!

  3. I have seen this before, but I don’t think you can see it too many times.

  4. Thanks Jason. I’m a big fan of living each day to the fullest, and I try to bring that with me to the gym. One of the things I love about the FS family is that when I don’t quite have the energy to put on a happy face and be positive, someone in the gym motivates me to find it. Yesterday was one of those days, but I left the gym in a FAR better mood than I entered. Thanks to everyone of you for helping me with the tough days. 🙂

  5. WOW!!!! Jason that was great!!! I started my morning thinking how am I going to get through all I have to do today then I see this video. I can assure you I will get though my day with a different attitude after seeing this video. THANKS J you ALWAYS have a way of making others see the light. Have a great day ALL!!!!!