No Resolutions…I want goals

Tis the season for all of us to look back on the previous year and think about what we want to change next year and make our “New Year’s Resolution” to do it. If we are like most americans we may share these resolutions with a few people and we might hold to them for a few months, but then they eventually fall to the side and get forgotten about.

We are going to be different this year. You can feel free to keep any personal resolutions (Read more books, Watch less TV, etc.) to yourself and your family, but I am going to ask for something more important. I learned a long time ago that NO ONE goes to a gym to workout “Just Because”. Everyone that comes through the door has a goal they want to achieve, or something they want to change. No one’s goal is any more important or valid than anyone else’s goal. They come from many different places. Some goals come from pride and a desire for a new personal best at something. Some come from family and not wanting to suffer a preventable death like that of a loved one. Some from vanity…who doesn’t want to look better naked? The bottom line is that they are very personal and extremely important to the individual.

We are all important to each other, and I think our goals should be too. Let’s make them public this year. Stop trying to achieve them alone and struggling with it by yourself. This will provide a source of accountability, but also a source of support.

I would like to have everyone in this gym take a few days and really think about why you are here, what keeps you working so hard here, and what do you want from this.

Let’s talk a little bit about Goal setting. In order for there to be success it is best to use a system called SMART. Your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. “I Want to Feel Healthy” is a great goal but tough to quantify and measure. A better goal would be to get a physical and select some data points (HDL, LDL, Blood Sugar) that you want to improve and by how much. Goals can range from races you will run, weights you will lift, weight you will lose, anything you want as long as it fits into the above categories.

Let’s skip the resolutions this year and make some real goals, let’s make them public, and let’s celebrate as we accomplish each one.

Please post your Your Goal to the comments section.


  1. My goal is to get to 10 percent body fat. I am currently at 23 percent. This will definitely be a very difficult goal to achieve but I know I can get there.

  2. My goal is to be able to do 10 dead hang pull ups in a row. A tough feat considering I can’t do a single one.

  3. My goal for 2011 will be to perform a perfect overhead squat, preferably at an RX weight. My shoulder flexibility will be a challenge, but I know with hard work, I’ll get there!

  4. My goals are to see 215lbs and to do 40 unbroken pull-ups sometime during my 40th year!! I turn 40 on Feb 15th.

    3-2-1- GO!!

  5. My goals for 2011 are to get to 220-230lbs ( currently at 270……again! ) and stick to healthy eating, not a diet. I have successfully lost weight ( 53 lbs ), gotten my eating under control but then I get sick or hurt and for some reason use that to justify eating terrible and the weight reappears. I know I can do it I just need to apply myself a bit more! 3-2-1-GO!

  6. My goals this year are to run faster and conquer emotional eating. My fastest 5K was just under 24 min. but I’m nowhere close to that post-baby and it’s been over a year. Also, I want to stop the rollercoaster nutrition. Jason helped me realize that I have been sacrificing “good” for perfect and that leads to disaster. In other words, I am “all or nothing”. If I am not perfect, I am downright BAD. I need to learn to not go overboard when I make a bad choice and just get right back on track with my next meal. I will be 40 this year and it WILL be the best year of my life. Thanks for everyone’s support. You all help me just as much, if not more than I help you! Let’s hold each other accountable and reach our goals together! Oh, I also want to master the clean. Happy New Year!!!

    p.s. I would also like to compete in some races this year. Maybe a sprint tri or adventure race.

  7. My goal is to be able to do 20 consecutive pull-ups and 10 consecutive double-unders by my 46th birthday in March . I know this sounds ridiculous to some of you but currently I can’t do any double-unders and although I’ve seen improvement on my pull-ups (used to have to use bands) since I started Crossfit, I have a ways to go. When I reach these goals (and I will) I’ll set new goals.

  8. I am new to crossfit and I have to say coming to crossfit forever strong has been one of the best decisions I have made. I finally have that painful enjoyment while working out again and pushing myself beyond my limits keeps me wanting more. I havent felt like this since high school! My goals for 2011 are to lose weight, I am currently 215. I would be pleased to see my self at a healthy and strong 190. My second goal is complete every rep in the Burpee challenge.

    I am excited for 2011 and cannot wait to get started on acheiving my goals!

    Thank you Jason, Sally and the rest of the Crossfit family for giving me the inspiration I need.

  9. Not going to lie, my goal is straight up vanity. I want to drop 2 pant sizes in 2011. There are the smaller goals such as 20 consecutive double-unders and unassisted pull ups, but plain and simple, I want to look good!

  10. Alright, now that I am 40 here are a couple of 40 year old goals. I would like to do 40 unbroken pull ups this year. A 400 pound deadlift and compete in the Urban triathlon in October as long as Tempe town lake doesn’t get drained again.

    I must also admit Jason’s vanity goal sounds pretty good. Who wouldn’t want to look good naked :).

  11. I will be 52 in March and have my grandson to GROW UP with. 🙂
    My goals are to be a solid 180 at 12 – 15 percent body fat. I want to join the 400 lb dead-lift club and do 1-1/2 times body weight back squats. All other lifts I want to do body weight or greater. RX ring dips and handstand push-ups,plus my first muscle up are also on the list.
    I have always been a cardio junkie so now it’s time to crank up the strength training. No pain no gain – anyone care to join me?

  12. Sally, I’m so with you on the 5k. I don’t have the attention span to train for a marathon, but I would love to get my pace back down to an 8 min (or lower) consecutive mile for a 5k. And course, if you need a race partner for those adventure races, you just let me know! but, most important to me would be to get back down to my pre-baby weight. That means I have to lean up and stop eating junk food. I say those of us who want to lose weight should do it “biggest loser style” Post our weight on the board and do a weigh in each week. That might help me think twice before I put some garbage in my mouth!

  13. My goal is to get my body fat and handicap down to single digits. I also intend to conquer the muscle up monster and the Rx overhead squat. My greatest goal however is to spend this year helping others acheive their personal goals. Those of you that know me know what that means and those of you who don’t…..well you will :o) This is an amazing family and I am grateful to Jason and Sally for making it possible and I fully intend to pay it forward! God Bless and Happy New Year!!

  14. I’ve thought about it. Losing weight is a lovely goal for me, but it’s to vague, and leaves me open to failure to easily. I need goals that will help me achieve that. That includes getting my eating in shape, and letting Jason torture me more often.

    Goals for the year –

    Get into the gym 6 days a week.
    No eating after 7pm.
    Eat Breakfast (I generally don’t eat until after noon).
    No Soda.
    No Fast Food.
    Actually run (not walk) a 5k.
    Be able to do RX Pullups.
    Be able to do RX Double-unders.

    Thank you all for accepting this fat guy into the CFFS Fam. I look forward to getting my ass kicked with all of you this year.

  15. My first goal this year is to get control of my eating again. Once I hit my goal weight four years ago the bad habits started to creep back in and I’ve slowly been gaining it back. Like Sally, I am an emotional and all or nothing eater and this year I’d like to conquer that once and for all.

    This year I also want to regain my dedication and drive. Again, once I hit my goal weight the gym slowly stopped being my happy place and became just a restriction. I was so happy to find Crossfit. It’s fun and now I don’t have to be at the gym hours and hours, but apparently even finding something I love again hasn’t been enough to get back to it. My goal is to make it to Crossfit four times a week and to work out five to six days a week.

    If anyone knows how to conquer these two issues I would love to know so please share 🙂

  16. One goal for 2011 is: Doing a pull up with NO BANDS… Right now, I just moved up to Red and Purple. It will take some time, but I WILL do it!! Also, I want to learn how to do double-unders, singles take so much time! 🙂

  17. My goal is easy!!!! Less booz = faster times at the gym!!! Crossfit has changed my life. Thank you Jason and Sally. I have reached the goals I set when I started, now I need to reach inside of myself and find a better me. 2011 is going to be a break through year!!! Look out Craig, we are going to have some fun!!!

  18. Grok On!!!!!!!!

  19. My goal seems so simple. But I want it to be realistic. My goal is to make it into the gym 3 times a week, minimum. I will shoot for 4 times, but that isn’t too easy schedule wise. My other goal is to trim down to 225 lbs. Happy New Year everyone!

  20. My first goal is to get down to 185 lbs. I have spent the last year around 195. I would also like to beat all of my 2010 triathlon times in 2011. Finally, in the gym I would like to stop resting as much and be more competitive. Happy new year to you all! I look forward to a successful 2011.


  21. My goals for this new year are – clean 95lbs – do 20 consecutive pull ups – only allow myself to have treats on Saturday, without binging – run in some 5k or 10k events. A huge thanks to Sally and Jason for all of your time and dedication!! The gym is my favorite place to be!! Oh, and I want Z there when I complete my 95lb clean.

  22. I have a lot of the same goals as other posts so I should just say ditto but I will be a little more specific, I am a little scared of what Jason would say if I just left it with that!

    -Vanity part: either of these are good both get what I am looking for which is one pant size smaller- two would be great but I’ve been fighting this since I moved here 4 years ago so I will be realistic: lose 10 bls, or at least 5% body fat
    -Health part: no eating after dinner, hold true to eating right 90% of the time this means limiting grains and sugar
    – Strength/speed/endurance: 95lb cleans-correctly!, 1 dead hang pull up-my RX pull-ups are all kip, run a 5k in 9 min miles- sorry I can’t do 8 like Sally, complete the Phoenix seven summit challenge, complete a warrior challenge

  23. In 2011, I will hit it very hard early in the year since my birthday is in February, I want to weigh what I did 10 years ago when I finished my first (and only) marathon. That means I will lose 18 pounds in 6 weeks.

    Once I accomplish that goal, I will be able to do handstand push ups, which is goal #2.

    My third goal is to maintain healthy eating and work out 6 days per week. I’m being SMART in that 6 days is Realistic, 7 (for me at this time) is not. I have a spot on every day in my planner where I will put a star for the days I am successful with my workout and successful with my nutrition so I can celebrate the little victories along the way. Maybe I’ll celebrate with my burpees for the day! 🙂 Good work everyone!!!

  24. CrossFit has really changed my life. I came as a sceptic wanting to improve my marathon times and fell in love with whole thing. The funny thing is I didn’t improve my time. What I have done is get in the best shape of my life, develop better nutrition, watch my wife overcome her fears and run her first race, and make a lot new friends. I love the community of our gym and I’m stoked for 2011.
    Goals. 400lb back squat – 200lb overhead squat – 75 unbroken push ups – 18min 5K – 1:30 13.1 – 3:30 26.2 – 45 mile run in 8hours – Complete the Burpee Challenge – See everybody hit their goals. 3-2-1 GO!

  25. I have a few goals, first I hope to inspire people this year, I have been very inspired by so many people at crossfit that I hope to pay it forward.
    I plan to work on my form and my speed, so hoping to make this a year that I can increase my times but do all the exercises correctly and Rx and hope to be able to do handstand push up sometime soon. But most important is getting my daughter liking this new kind of eating and exericing that I have learn the last 6 months, I haven’t been successful yet so hoping to make a better effort this year!

    Thanks to Jason, Sally and Nick and everyone at crossfit and most of all Bruce for going and doing the trial days with me out and sticking to it and pushing me! Thanks Bruce!

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  26. My first goal is to do RX pushups. I also want to do an adventure race with my pals Kristina and Sally Sue. I have been a member at Crossfit for 2 years, I have already accomplished so much that I never thought I could do. Iam so grateful for Sally Sue and Jason, Crossfit forever strong has become my home away from home. Another goal is my eating habits. I have been terrible lately and I really want to tone up more,if I eat right I know I will get those toned arms I have always longed for. I also want to up my weight and make sure Iam at the gym 4 to 5 days a week.

  27. This is the year I finally put myself 1st and not allow my career to take over my life. So here goes with my fitness goals for 2011:

    Goal 1 – Loose 15 Lbs by the end of January
    Goal 2 – Loose a total of 30 Lbs by the end of March
    Goal 3 – Run the entire Pat’s Run in March 2011 (this will be huge since currently I haven’t even ran 1/2 mile without walking)
    Goal 4 – Actual 18 inch box jump by my birthday May 22nd. (this will be HUGE since the box scares the crap out of me)

    As mentioned in many post above I too truly love Jason and Sally. They are very special to me and hold a great place in my heart. You are both like family to me!!
    Here to a successful 2011 to everyone. 3 2 1 GO!!!!!!

  28. 40 consecutive pull-ups, keep improving my weaknesses (i.e. HSPU, push-ups, etc), a point total of 400 or above in FGB. And to bring my “J.T.” time below 12 minutes. This WOD is my nemesis.

  29. My 2011 goals:

    1) to continue to working out 5+ times a week
    2) run at least 1 mile consecutively without walking

  30. my goal is continued from 2010
    i have 1 more pant size to go down until i reach my goal
    I want to stop modifications no bands for pull ups and a a regular push up etc.