T-Shirt Samples are in the office and ready to try on. Remember we will only be ordering based on pre orders for this run so if you want one get your order and money in within the next 2 weeks. Long Sleeve Shirts are $25 and the Sweatshirts will be $35 (Cash or Check we don’t want to have to get into sales tax and merchant fees etc.) Sweatshirts are the same make as last years so I did not get sample sizes for those, but if you have questions please let me know. The Men’s Shirts will be on the Grey Thermal Shirts and the Women’s will be on the Black Scoop Neck Tri Blend.

People have already started planning and buying their Christmas Party tickets so make sure you get in on that as well. It’s a great time.

I did forget to mention this yesterday but fortunately there weren’t any pull ups on yesterdays workout.
BACK BY NOT-SO-POPULAR DEMAND… NO KIP NOVEMBER!!! All pull ups for the month of November will be done as dead hang pull ups. No kipping, butterflying, leg kicking, flailing or anything else designed to help propel you up to the bar. ALL STRENGTH THIS MONTH.

In honor of the start we have to go ahead and have a pull up workout.

5 Rounds for Time:
8 Pull Ups
4 Bear Complex 95/65
(Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Back Squat, Push Press…1)


  1. NOOOOOO NO kip November! I am rebelling, no pull up November!


  3. What color did the sweatshirts end up being?

  4. Let’s make them L-sit all month 🙂

  5. I Love No-Kip November…

  6. No kip November? Hey Jason……..shut up.