Movement of the Week…It’s Back

So I took a few weeks off of the Movement of the week as I saw participation dwindle. I am thinking that maybe it just got lost in all of the excitement around the skills testing so we are going to try again with a relaunch of this. These drills and progressions are a great way to focus on an individual movement that you may be struggling with. We will be moving through Barbell movements as well as gymnastics movements.

Let’s jump back in with the most sought after lift…The Snatch

Monday: 25 Behind the Neck Press, 25 Sotts Press

Tuesday: 50 Overhead Squats

Wednesday: 25 Pressing Snatch Balance, 25 Heaving Snatch Balance

Thursday: 25 Snatch Grip DL, 25 Snatch Pull

Friday: 25 2 Position Snatch (Hang/Full)

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  1. Super excited to work on this one. This is my weakest lift and needs help!