More Updates

There are only 2 more days to order shirts from to benefit the St. Dominic Savio Academy. Proceeds will benefit the autistic kids who attend that school.

I am thinking about a Partner WOD for Saturday. You won’t be working together though. Anyone remember CrossFit Horse?

Please get signed up for the flexibility class on June 1st soon if you are interested.

I want to check the interest level on a fresh produce delivery service. They would offer vegetable, fruit, grassfed beef, free range chicken, eggs etc. Go to to check out their prices and products. We could begin saturday deliveries as early as June 1st. Please post thoughts to the comments section.

5 Rounds for Time:
11 Pull Ups
30 Sit Ups
9 Burpees

Last date we did this was 11/30/2012. That was during no kip november. If you want to compare times then don’t kip. If you want to compare to a kipping version look to 11/30/2011


  1. This is Jordyn’s birthday WOD. I don’t think we are allowed to do this until 11/30/13!!

  2. I think that would be a good idea. I spend a lot of money running from Trader Joe’s to Whole Foods and Sprouts. This seems more convenient and probably a little less expensive…

  3. Terry and I are definitely interested in the produce/meat deliveries!

  4. I had the pleasure of meeting Colton yesterday and immediately went online and bought the octopus shirt that he designed. It’s for such a good cause. I can’t for it to get here!

  5. I’m in for FarmerGoose! Thanks for all the info.

  6. The fruit produce pack looks good.

  7. Thanks to everyone who bought a shirt to support my son Colton and his school! Every single shirt sold makes a difference at his school…I truly appreciate it!

  8. I’m in for FarmerGoose.