March Challenge

Here is an idea for the March Challenge. Everyone is focused on nutrition and Zone vs. Paleo lately so let’s capitalize on that and use that plus Fitness Wave for the Challenge. I will get more specifics out soon, but here’s the concept.

Starting March 1st everyone who wants to participate will receive a food log that will last a week. You will be required to enter everything you eat onto it and bring it to either Sally or myself on Friday or Saturday every week during March. You will have to check your weight once a week when you turn in your food log also. You will need to Workout a Minimum of 3 x per week. That’s not so tough…

Here’s the Challenge…Try to do the entire month NO PROCESSED CARBS (BREAD, GRAIN, PASTA, RICE), AND NO SUGAR or ARTIFICIAL SWEETNERS. I will put together a list of what that includes but it will for sure include Sugar, Splenda, Sucralose, High Fructose Corn Syrup, etc. Natural Sugars that are found in fruits and vegetables will not count against you. I realize the first week will be a bit of a grace period when you might eat something and not realize you shouldn’t have, but after March 6th (I recommend everyone get dunked and establish a measurement point for us to start with for this challenge) Every mistake, every cheat will cost you. Every incident will be 30 Burpees. Food Logs will be evaluated over the weekend and given back with the penalties on it. (Be Honest on your Logs) Burpee Penalties must be paid in the gym prior to the following weigh in.


  1. Is oatmeal a grain?? And what about the sugar that is in Milk??

  2. Sounds good!!!

  3. OK, I’m in. I’ve lost 5/6 lbs, and have plateaued from there. Ugh. I’m done with being fat! I gave up alcohol for Lent, and that’s the hard part for me. So let’s do this!

  4. I’m in!

  5. Totally In!!