Lot’s of Updates and INFO….PLEASE READ!!!

This is a holiday week so we will be having some hours changes. Please see the following changes and plan accordingly.
Thursday July 4th we will be open from 7am – 12 pm only.
Friday July 5th we will be open from 7am – 12 pm only also.

Start bringing in your friends to join our gym. Remember for every friend you bring in that signs up you will get $50 off of your August membership dues. Bring in enough people and I’ll owe you money….

I’d like some feedback from everyone that attended the Yoga classes this weekend. How did you like it? Would you like to see something like this on a weekly basis? Cost? Please give me your thoughts. I want to make this gym what you want but need your help to do it.

I have been approached about starting a challenge of some sort. Feedback time again. Do you want it to be nutrition based, weight loss, workout performance, Photo based body changes, Exercise Challenge for the month(5,000 squats, increasing burpees everyday etc)? Cost to get in, Prizes? Give me your thoughts and I’ll put something together.

The summer competition season is pretty slow in Phoenix…has something to do with people not wanting to melt in the heat, but the fall gets busy. If competing is something you are interested in doing Please come see me. If you have followed the competition programming I have posted in the past you will be directed to the website the team is following right now. If you haven’t followed our programming before or we feel you need a little bit more of a base level on the technical lifts we will begin to send out the competition program emails again next week.