Information Update

This is going to be a clearing house of information Please read all of it and leave any questions or comments below.

Next Monday 9/6 is Labor Day and we will be open shortened hours. The Gym will be open for your fitness pleasure from 7am – 12pm only. Thank you for your cooperation as this will allow us to enjoy the holiday as well.

The time for Brynn’s 3-Day Walk is drawing near and she is still in need of a lot of funds. We have a jar in the gym for donations. I want to remind everyone that I am willing to match the donations of our members. We would like to see all donations in by Oct. 1st so please contribute if you can.

Jeff Gentry has asked me to let people know about 2 events that he is working with.

The First is a Golf Tournament on 9/18 to Support the Chandler HS Spirit Line. I will post the link below. If you like to golf this might be a fun event and a great way to help others while having fun.

The second one should get some peoples attention as well. The Maricopa County Sheriffs are hosting a fundraiser DODGE BALL Tournament on 9/25. I will have fliers and sign up sheets available at the gym. The short version of it is 8-10 person teams, they must contain at least 1 woman. The cost is $150 per team. Please pick up the information at the gym if you are interested.

There will be a new challenge coming for September. I want to give everyone a heads up and get some feedback. You are all pretty good about coming to the gym. This Challenge is going to be about The Other Waking Hours. It will be designed to get you moving throughout the entire day. Every day will be assigned an exercise and a rep count. The goal will be to do that set every hour on the hour throughout the day. If you are somewhere that you can’t do it then simply keep track of how many you owe and make them up as soon as possible. Please don’t just save them all till the end of the day and do one large set, that not what we are trying to accomplish with this. I will have more information in the next few days.


  1. I like the challenge idea. Can’t wait to hear more.

  2. September Challenge sounds exciting ! I am already thinking what you meant by “all day long” Jason 🙂

  3. The challenge sounds interesting but I usually have to wear a suit during working hours so I might have to save them up till the end of the day unless it’s something like Pelvic Floor contraction exercises (or Kegels).