Hot Shots 19

Today we are open from 7-12.

Today is the first day of September¬† but I might not start working on The Girls challenge until tomorrow after you see today’s workout.

We will be doing the Hot Shots 19 Hero WOD today and so we will need a little bit of cooperation from everyone. We will be starting this workout at 7:20, 8:20, 9:20, 10:20, and 11:20. There will be a 40 minute time cap to this workout with no exceptions.

6 Rounds for Time:
30 Squats
19 Power Cleans 135/95
7 Strict Pull Ups
400 m Run


  1. Terry and I watched two firefighters do this yesterday in Full gear in Prescott. Amazing. Froning, Bailey and Speilman did it in under 28 min then went and coached members of the hotshots family and friends through the rest of the WOD . We will be proud to do this workout.

  2. I was a volunteer at the Hot Shots 19 fundraiser and saw hundreds of people do this wod. It was tough! I have pictures of Spealler, Froning and Bailey on their hands and knees after they completed it! Julie and I are looking forward to doing it in honor of the 19 Hot Shots.