Help Support Chuck

Help Support Chuck

The 2012 CrossFit Open is behind us now. We were unable to qualify a team to go to the regional competition. The Burpee workout set us behind and we just couldn’t make up enough ground to get to the top 30 spots.

However Chuck Browder has qualified as an individual for the regional competition and will be going to Colorado to compete at the next step to the CrossFit Games. We’d like to support him in any way we can, and yes that includes financially since there will be travel expenses and fee associated with him going there and representing us and our gym.

We have created this t-shirt to support Chuck. (Get ready for the pitch) It has the CFFS initials prominently  displayed on the chest, on the left Shoulder is the Chandler Fire Dept. logo, on the right are Chuck’s initials stylized into his own logo, and on the back is a quote inspired and provided by Chuck. This amazing t-shirt is going to be available for purchase for $25. All of the proceeds will  go to Chuck and help to offset the cost of his trip.

Please post to the comments section Quantity, Mens or Womens, and sizes for any shirts that you want. I am trying to get an idea of how many to order before Monday. The shirt order will  be placed on Tuesday. We may order a few above the Pre Orders, but not too many. This is a Limited Edition, Exclusive, One Time Offer!!! Act Now!!!


  1. Men’s XL. Good luck Chuck!!!

  2. I’ll take 1 xl.

  3. I’ll take a women’s medium!

  4. Congratulations Chuck.

    We will take a Men’s XL, a Women’s L and a Women’s M.

    Good luck


  5. Good luck Chuck!!!

    I will take a large!

    Larry N

  6. Women’s XL please.

  7. I will take a large…. Go Chuck!!!

  8. Women’s XL, Men’s L, and Men’s XL

  9. I will take 1 XL, Good Luck brother!!!

  10. 1 guys large ….1 medium??? for donna

  11. Ill take one mens XXL if I still can.

    thanks and Good Luck Chuck

  12. 1 lg for me.
    Good luck Chuck!

  13. I will take a XL .

  14. Ok guys here is the deal. Shirts have been ordered based on all of the above pre orders listed here. We only ordered a few extra in various sizes. The shirts done on Tuesday the 17th. They are $25 cash and I am hoping to get everyone’s shirts picked up by Sat the 21st.