Goodbye Nick

Today is a Partner WOD. Many of you know Nick and Denielle Headley. Nick is a Coach in the mornings here. Nick has been trying for a few years to get onto a fire dept. and he has finally made it but it is in Charlotte North Carolina so this will be his last day here. This will be the farewell workout to Nick.

Partner WOD: As a team you must complete the following workout. Only one person working at a time, there are no minimum reps per person, but you must complete one exercise before moving on to the others.

3 Rounds of:
25 Man Makers 45/25
50 Pull Ups
75 Wall Ball 20/14

Then a 2080 m Row as a team, Using only one rower switch as often as you want to.

(2080 miles is how far away he is moving)