Get Signed Up…Put The Bands Away

We need more teams for Dodge Ball!!! Please get signed up. If you are undecided let me help…Do It. It will be fun I promise.

Paddle boarders don’t forget we are meeting at the gym at 8:00 on Sunday and will be leaving from here. I will have the waivers to be filled out ahead of time so that we don’t waste the time we could be on the water with paper work.

We still need 6 more people for the Double Under Clinic. Please follow the link and get registered ASAP.

Make sure you get signed up for Friday and Sat Yoga. Come in and get your ZEN on.

3 Rounds for Time:
20 Single Arm DB Snatch (Each Side) 45/25
20 Hand Release Push Ups
20 Ring Row (Yes Ring Row… Make these as challenging as you can. Rx will be feet on an 18″ box with rings hanging straight down. No Ring Kipping Either…You look really silly)

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  1. I’ll be taking the double under class, i’ll try and get registered by noon tomorrow! or i could stop writing this and log on and it get it done, lol