Fitness Wave

Ok Everyone who has been asking for motivation and challenges this is a great way to get it started. On Saturday March 6th Kirt and Joanne will be bringing the Fitness Wave Truck to the gym and will be doing the Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing. We have done this before and it is fantastic. This is one of the most accurate ways available to us to find out exactly where we are at. The Cost will be $36 payable directly to Fitness Wave with either Cash or Check Please.

I suggest that on that same day we begin a 3 week Nutrition Challenge. I will have more info on what the Challenge will be soon.

Who’s in?


  1. Count me in!!!

  2. Iam definately in!!!!

  3. I may be in for the Nutrition Challenge if it starts that Monday. I’m busy that weekend, so I won’t make it for the body fat measurement.

  4. I’m in for the Nutrition Challenge, but I don’t think I want to do the Fitness wave, I doubt my body fat has changed much from last time I did it.

  5. I am definetely in!!! 🙂