Feedback Please

Please take a minute and use the comments section to let me know what everyone thinks of the new programs so far. Are you enjoying the skills testing? Is breaking down the movement of the week to smaller components and progressing slowly helping you to understand the movements better? Please let me know what you are thinking.

So after 2 pretty tough days I thought we would go to something that is in the near future for everyone anyway and let’s make it today’s workout.

2 k Row for Time

It is in every skill level on the board and let’s face it you will all be more likely to do better with other people rowing right next to you. After the 2 k we will be able to get some more skills tested also.


  1. Had a blast yesterday testing and achieving skill levels. All the harder ones left though, but at least the goals that are left can still be met with a little extra practice and attention. Like the challenge. Level 2 here I come. It will be interesting to see how the break down of clean movements comes together at the end.

  2. I love the skills testing! It makes me feel accomplished to check each thing off the list. And it lets me know what weaknesses I should be focusing on. Great stuff!

  3. I like the break down of movements and I think the level testing is a good way for each of us to know where we are now and to motivate & challenge us to strive and obtain the next level.
    It’s certainly more of a commitment to attempt or complete warm-up, WOD, Mobility, strength training and Skill testing all in the same day. Skill testing has some wait time involved, I like the idea of Saturday being skill testing day with no WOD. I welcome the change.

  4. Apparently, my skill level was not where I thought it was so now I know what I have to work on. I enjoy doing the skills and passing each one off. I got a PR on my 2K row and 400 meter run yesterday!