Feedback Needed…

I have been getting a lot of questions about Zone and Nutrition and adding more Cardio work into the program. I am willing to help out and think I have a few ways to tackle each one of these projects but I need to know how many people are interested and willing to commit to it. Please post your thoughts and comments on here. I need your feedback to make sure this works for everyone.

Extra Work: For those concerned that they need extra work above the workout that we do in the gym there is no need to worry these workouts are meant to be sufficient along with an active lifestyle and possibly some recreational sports on the side, however since many of us don’t play sports anymore maybe we need a boost. If I receive enough interest in it I will begin to post 3-4 separate workouts designed around cardio training including at least one hike each week. I’d like to think that the people who express interest in this extra programming will help hold each other accountable to doing the work and will begin to meet up with each other to do the runs and hikes together. We all know that we work better and harder when we work together…Who’s in for the Cardio / Hike Programming?

Zone / Nutrition: I am thinking of a few ideas regarding this. I’d like to have a few Zone Classes at the gym. We will be able to cover in more detail The Zone, the conversions, favorable and unfavorable Carbs, Paleo, and any other questions that come up. I need input from people on best times to be able to attend. Obviously when Workouts are not running would be preferable so throw some ideas out at me for what works for you.

A second idea that has been brought up to me is a private class for groups of up to 3 people at a time. This class would be about 2-3 hours in length. It will involve sitting down with one of us and writing a very specific meal plan tailored around you and your schedule, lifestyle, food likes and dislikes. After that there will be a grocery list made and a trip to the store to teach you how to shop, what to read when looking at foods, staples to always have on hand, and best choices in a pinch. After the grocery shopping you are invited back to our house where we will show you how to prep and prepare all of your meals for the following week and will leave our house with your meals and plan in hand. The private classes would be on either a Sat. or Sun. and would be an extra cost due to the amount of work that it would entail on our part. Cost is still an issue that we are working out. Your input on this idea is welcome.