Double Press

3 Rounds for Time:
50 Double Unders (25 Burpees will be the Modification…no Singles. Learn to Double Under)
25 Push Press 115/75

We have a new member that used to be a jump rope coach for a junior olympic team. I want to know how many of you would be interested in a 90 min. Jump Rope seminar sometime in the near future to see if we can’t get more people doing Double Unders. Please post to the comments if you’re interested.


  1. I’m in, I could use all the help i can get with double unders

  2. I would be in.

  3. No thanks.

  4. Maybe, but 90 minutes sounds a little long.
    I love how you are “encouraging” us to get on with learning how to double under. Burpees – no thanks.

  5. Hey Everyone! The lady who will be teaching the jump rope class used to be my competitive jump rope coach. She is such a wonderful coach and will have you all doing double unders within the hour! So I encourage each and everyone of you to participate in the class! Plus once you learn double unders do you don’t have to do the insane 5:1 ratio for singles!

    Hope to see you all there!!!

  6. I would definitely like help on the double unders!! and just jump roping in general.. As soon as I can get out of working these 12 hour days and get back in…miss the gym and the workouts this last week! should be back by monday so if its at all possible to have the seminar after this week?

  7. I hate Jason! No, really, hate him.

  8. I am all in for the 90 min’ class! however, I love how Jason hates, and can’t do, double unders, and is trying to make us do ’em!
    I’ll do ’em Jason, or die trying. But walk the walk, my friend…….. 🙂

  9. I’m in. I once did one double under in a row. Enough said, sign me up.

  10. Lets Rock n Roll……………

  11. Shelly,
    The Burpees aren’t only designed as “encouragement” its also to get a reasonably difficulty met con and shoulder exercise. If I program a ratio that’s too low then people who can Double Under don’t because singles go faster, and if I program a ratio that’s too high then the people doing singles get into a rhythm and the cardio level comes down from where I want it to be, and the workout length for them is longer. Singles also don’t work the shoulders anywhere near the level of Double Unders.

    I plan on attending the class right along with everyone. I have never denied my lack of jump rope ability. Aren’t I allowed to be bad at something in here?

    The 90 min was a guess I’m not sure of the class length it may be only an hour and it will be free to all of you. It won’t be until later in the month so I will try to get some more info and pass it on as soon as I can.

  12. I’m in. I could use some education to do them right for a change

  13. Count me in Jason! I would love to learn how to do double unders in fact it is one of my goals for the next two months to learn the double unders and the pull ups with the kick like a lot of peole do. I need to shorten my times and increase the level of quality in my workouts! Thanks!

  14. Awesome!! I am SOOOOO in!! Really need to get the Double Unders. Hope it is in the future. Need timeto recover!! THANKS!!!

  15. Count me in for the seminar Jason!

  16. I would love to attend the class and finally learn Double Unders!