Death Before DNF

Yesterday’s High was 99 Degrees, Today’s exercise is Squats. Sounds like we might get into the 100’s this weekend.

1 Round for Time:
750 m Row
21 Clean 155 / 105
500 m Row
15 Push Jerk 155 / 105
250 m Row
9 Clean and Jerk 155 / 105


  1. wow. I will try to get this done in vegas but not sure it is going to happen. Good luck everyone

  2. This one truly sucks. The first time I had to modify to 135 to finish and the second time at 155 I just about dislocated my calf from my leg. I am going to have nightmares tonight. Not good for sleepy time.

  3. Am I seeing things?

  4. All I can say is NOT RX

  5. All I can say it let’s crush this thing!!