Dead Bike

I know not everyone is excited about the programming being Max Loads this week but it has to be done. We have had  a lot of people asking about the strength programs and to do it properly you need to know your numbers. Knowing your Max Load will also help us make modifications more personal during workouts.

For those who don’t want to test it’s a great week to get a head start on The Girls Challenge.

Max Load today:

We are only doing on Max today because it is such a critical one. Focus and take your time on the warm up sets.

Cardio Test:
150 / 100 Calories Airdyne for Time


  1. If people would do the maxes correctly, and do the cardio test “all out”, as it should be done, there will be no room for complaints. You will get an amazing workout and get to start the “smartest” thing you will do in your CrossFit training: a strength program.
    Jason and every coach at this gym, wants every member to become better in here. Better lifters, better “movers” for everyday life, better at metabolic conditioning, better with form, better athletes, and better people. This strength program would not be here if it wasn’t important. This kind of programming is NOT happening at any other CF gym in the valley. We are SOOOO lucky to have someone program this stuff for us and freely share of his VAST knowledge of human movement. Take it seriously. But more importantly appreciate it! Be proud that you’re at the best gym around and therefore receiving the best “services”. (which by the way, are MANY! That also doesn’t happen at other gyms.)
    I’m so excited for those who are excited to listen and be coachable! So much growth is to be had with this kind of stuff!!
    If you’re here to get a beach body…….do your maxes. If you’re here to become a badass at CF… your maxes. If you’re here to beat the boys (maybe that’s just me! ) … your maxes. If you’re here for the amazing community we have at Forever Strong….do your freaking maxes!
    Let’s become a better gym as a whole and appreciate what we have!
    Phew… I digress 😉 LOVE CFFS!!!

  2. Love it melissa!

  3. LOVED reading this tonight and it literally ‘lit my fire’! Hell yeah, let’s get those maxes this week!!

  4. Preach on Melissa 🙂 I wish I was there to do all this with you guys! Foreverstrong has an amazing level of coaching and knowledge and being able to get more personalized workouts its unbelievable. I miss it so much!

  5. Well said, Melissa!