CrossFit Dodgeball

CrossFit Dodgeball

We are going to be planning a CrossFit Dodgeball Evening. It will be over at Jumpstreet on the Trampoline courts.

Wednesday June 20th. Games will start at 8:00. We will be reserving a court for just Our members. I need an idea of how many people will be attending so that I can try to get us a group rate for admission.

We have 2 options here. We can just play regular dodgeball or we can play CrossFit Dodgeball and incorporate exercises into it. Please use the comments section below to vote on which type of game we want to play, and try to get me an approximate headcount.


  1. IM IN.

  2. I like both options…depends on the interest but either way I’m in!!

  3. I vote for crossfit dodgeball had a blast when we did it in the park! I cant be there but thats my vote.

  4. im going.

  5. and i vote crossfit dodgeball

  6. I would love to but we will be in San Diego for Josh’s football tournament.

  7. I vote crossfit dodgeball…. If you can dodge a kettlebell, you can dodge a ball 🙂

  8. I’m and I will make Shelly come too.

  9. I am in for sure! I would prefer X-fit dodgeball but either is fine.

  10. I’m in, I like both options

  11. Either one sounds fun. I’m in.

  12. I’m in!!! Crossfit dodgeball sounds interesting! Quadruple unders? Burpie back flips??

  13. I’m in!

  14. I will definitely be there! Mike will be out of town, so this bachelorette will be doing some major ball bustin’! (Pun intended)

  15. I’m in!

  16. I vote crossfit dodge ball and Josh and I are so in.

  17. Sounds like fun. I missed the last time due to ankle surgery. I

  18. I’m in for crossfit dodgeball

  19. I’m in…crossfit dodgeball

  20. I’m in

  21. me and kendell are in