Cindy Got A New Bike


Many of you have seen me enticing the brave few to play with the new Airdyne Bikes and all of you have experienced them in the warm up a few weeks ago, but today they will be making their appearance in their first WOD.

15 Min AMCAP (As Many Calories As Possible)
Max Calories on the Airdyne
EMOTM 1 Round of Cindy*
*Cindy is:
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

Your score will me total Calories on the Airdyne Bike.

On partner will be on the bike while the other performs 1 Round of Cindy. You can switch at any time. You MUST COMPLETE 1 round of Cindy every minute or 15 Calories will be deducted from your score. Switch as often as you like and switch off the bike early to ensure the partner coming off has enough time to start their round of Cindy on time. While on the bike go hard to get the most calories.