Challenge Info and Feedback Needed

Ok so here is the update on the Challenge. We will be doing the Advocare 24 Day Challenge here in the gym It will begin on Feb 17th and run through March 12th. Larry Naranjo will be our Advocare Advisor and will help lead the group through the challenge. He can be reached at Please go to to make your 24 Day Kit Purchase soon so that it can be shipped and received prior to the start date. On Feb 17th at 6:00 pm Larry will meet everyone in the Daycare room to go over the program and answer any questions you may still have after receiving your kit and reading through it.

BUT here is the deal I want to start something as a gym on March 13th. I don’t want this to be one and done for those of you doing the challenge and for those of you that aren’t doing the challenge I want to provide something. So we have a few options:
Paleo Challenge (With or without Buy in and prizes)
Photo Change contest (No specific Dietary restrictions, but Dietary help will be provided)
Whole 30
Public Food Logging and counseling
Recipe Exchange Groups

I am open to any of these ideas. Think about it and Post to comments and I will decide by weeks end what it will be so that we have a set plan for everyone to get involved with when the 24 Day Challenge ends.

EMOTM till you can’t complete the rep within that minute:
The Wall Ball will increase by 2 Reps per minute
5 Burpees
2 Wall Ball

5 Burpees
4 Wall Ball

5 Burpees
6 Wall Ball



  1. I would be in for the Paleo Challenge with a buy-in, winner takes all, or different prizes contest. I don’t know why but a competitive challenge always helps me avoid bad foods.

  2. I have bought my 24 day Advocare challenge package and I am very excited to jump start and get my diet back to paleo and this seems like a great way to do so.

    I reached out to Larry before buying my package and he gave me such great information on what the 24 day challenge is about and what to eat etc. I am very excited.

    Once finished I would be interested in a Paleo Challenge with or without a photo contest.

  3. I felt great on Whole 30 and would love to be fully back into it, where I never had cravings, body aches and had better energy! I’m a gambler, so bring on the buy-in and extra incentive!

  4. I for sure want in on the Paleo challenge with a buy in!