Cardio Club #1

Here are 3 Cardio intense Workouts to be done this week and a Hike recommendation for anyone who wants to do it. These can be done before or after workouts, totally separate from workouts, at home or wherever you want.
Wod #1
5 Rounds of:
400 M Run
500 M Row

Wod #2
Go to a track and do 2 miles of Running. Repeat the following Half Mile Circuit 4 times. 200 m is half the track, so pick a the middle of the straight away and do the exercises at that point on each side of the track.
200 m
50 Jumping Jacks
200 m
15 Burpees
200 M
25 Squats
200 M
15 Push Ups

Wod #3
Repeat the Following Cycle 3-4 Times: 1 Minute of each Exercise
Mountain Climbers
Jumping Squats
Sit Ups
Jumping Jacks
Push Ups

Recommended Hike this week:
South Mountain: Telegraph Pass
This is accessible from the Ahwatukee side of the mountain. I’d like to see a few people get together and do this as a group. To increase the difficulty level Walk it up and down once, then when you get all the way back to the start line Run it up and walk it back down for a second time.