Beyond the Whiteboard

Some of you may have noticed the computer terminal mounted on the whiteboard in the gym. There is an online workout tracking program available to us designed for CrossFit. The website is

It is a separate service and I do not maintain, control, or benefit from it, but several people have asked about getting set up with it instead of using the books to log workouts. It is a really good system. You can track Workouts, PR’s, Meals, Weigh-ins, and a few other things. As of this weekend CrossFit Forever Strong is listed and affiliated with Beyond the Whiteboard. What this means is that every day when I post the WOD to our site it will also post to Beyond the Whiteboard. Once you are set up with a username and password you can log into your account from the gym or from home and select that days workout and enter your stats (time, weight, modifications, notes). The site will then keep track of your previous times, record lifts, rank you within the other members of the gym that are using the site, and you can view your information in a variety of ways.

I am still learning more about the system and getting used to it myself, but I believe that they allow everyone 30 days to try it for free and after that it is a cost of $33 for the entire year if you’d like to continue with it. I will continue to print the labels daily and you are welcome to continue using that system or try the online version.