1 Round for Time:
60 Wall Ball 20/14
800 m Run
40 Wall Ball 20/14
400 m Run
20 Wall Ball 20/14
200 m Run

Make your own Trail Mix.
Use your favorite nuts (Walnuts, Pecan, Almonds), Add Raisins and Dehydrated Apple slices. This makes a great snack on the go. You could sprinkle the mixture with Cinnamon if you wanted a little extra flavor.

Be careful when buying dehydrated fruits. You’d think that there only needs to be 1 ingredient, but usually there are 2 Fruit and Sugar. Be careful.


  1. F_ _ _! I will be in tomorrow eve, I have to mentally prepare myself for this one!!!! My mental preparation will take most of the day. UGH!

  2. yea! ouch! 120 wall balls look out legs!

  3. Seriously, what are you trying to do to me with this one?! This is gonna take me forever! But at least I will do it!

  4. Is mustard ok for our no sugar challenge?

  5. Emily, every brand will be different, you have to check the ingredients. I’m guessing that there is sugar in it!!

  6. Here is one that is a huge hit for the kids in my house. It helps out alot if you let them do the work they enjoy it more.

    1 Bannana
    Handfull of Blueberries
    5 or 6 Strawberries

    Blend up in a blender and pour them out in an ice cube tray.
    Place tin foil over the tray and stick popsicle sticks in through the foil.
    Stick in the freezer and you Popsicles.

    You can use any fruit you like and up the amount or lower it to taste.
    Have fun and enjoy the time with your kids.