Are You IN or OUT?

Here it is everyone The March Challenge is about to begin. Let me go over it again. This is voluntary from start to finish, but I promise it has the potential to change your life and your families if you choose to undertake it.

If you choose to take this challenge the only mandatory part is No Bread, Grain, Pasta, Rice, Oats, and NO SUGAR (real or artificial). The optional parts are food logging and weigh ins. It doesn’t matter if you do Zone or Paleo or something else. There are no penalties, no chastising, and no burpees if you cheat.

Read the ingredient list on everything. Be aware of your foods and choices. make smart decisions and plan ahead.

I want you to use this post to communicate with each other ask for recipes and help. I will post some recipes and links on this site as well as I will try to post a video or recipe every day of the month to help you out.

I want everyone who is doing the challenge to post their name to the comments section of this post and let us know that you are in. If you quit at some point post that you are out.

Who Is In?