Nick’s Sandwich

Today’s Workout will be 1 Round for Time: 400 m Run 3 Rounds of: 5 Cleans 95m/65w 10 BB Thrusters 95m/65w 15 Burpees 20 Squats 25 Sit Ups 400 m Run


AMRAP 20 Minutes of: 5 Pull Ups 10 Push Ups 15 Squats This workout is 20 minutes in length. You will complete as many cycles of the 3 exercises as possible. We will be modifying pull ups and time of workout as needed.

Happy Squat Patrick’s Day

Today’s Workout will be 1 Round for Max Reps and Time: Bottom to Bottom Tabata Squats for Max Reps (4 min. Long in total. 8 Rounds of Max Rep Squats 20 Sec. of Work followed by 10 Sec. of Rest. The rest period will be spent holding at the bottom of the squat)...

Where Did I Leave My Legs At?

5 Rounds for Time: 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 Jumping Squats 45/15 200 m Run I know this video is long. Its about 20 minutes, but is worth every minute. Please watch it and post your thoughts to the comments. Watch it with...