Primal Challenge

You have heard me talk about Mark’s Daily Apple before as well as repost some great recipes of his on our site. He has begun a 30 Day “Primal Challenge” on his site. He will be giving away prizes and he has a wealth of information available to his readers daily. If you are looking for a challenge and need to get started now check out his site and jump on board.

I am sure that you have all seen Bruce’s comments of Grok on…This is your chance to find out what he means by that and who or what Grok is.


  1. This is so cool! I just signed up yesterday to his web site got the free e-books and was planing to take the challenge!!! I read his web site before but last night was on it for at least two hours!!! Perfect timing Jason! 🙂

  2. Great time today Oscar, you rocked it. Grok On!!!

  3. I’m in. I’ve gone gluten free for two months, but I only eliminated dairy and other grains for two weeks during that time period (also, I ate too much dark chocolate during that time period). I’m going to keep cream and butter in my diet (which MDA agrees with) because I need the fat source since I cannot eat nuts/seeds. I am a tad confused with his take on whey protein shakes. Periodic indulgence or regular staple especially when working out hard. Nevertheless, I am going to eliminate the powder for a month as well since it is a dairy derived protein source.