Last Caveman Standing

Last Caveman Standing

The contest will be a Paleo Challenge. All participants can pick up a sheet of Paleo Diet rules so there will be no question of the rules. It will start on Feb. 1st. All participants must declare their participation in the comments section of this post and pay the $20 buy in by the end of the week. This contest will be run on the honor system so that should tell you how much we trust all of you.

This will be a last man standing contest. What that means is that beginning Feb 1st all participants begin eating strictly Paleo. If you cheat or fall off the wagon then you have to log back in and post to the comments that you are out. Last person to cheat wins all the cash. It’s that simple.

If you are participating in the contest please post to the comments section of this page and post again when you are out. More People More Money…


  1. I’m in!!!!

  2. I’m in šŸ™‚

  3. In

  4. In…damn it!

  5. In!

  6. OK Jason two issues with the list… Two of the staples of any paleo diet are missing. bacon and coconut oil.

  7. Dean,
    The coconut oil was a mistake that is certainly ok. The issue with bacon from a true paleo perspective is that most bacon on the market today is cured with nitrates and sugar. For the purposes of this challenge we won’t worry about the nitrates but you will be responsible to make sure that it doesn’t contain sugar.

  8. great, then im in again.

    how many people are going to get knocked out on Sunday with the super bowl!

  9. I’m in!

  10. I’m in!!

  11. I would like to suggest that everyone who is in, first of all make sure you make it known by posting here and paying your $20 and also I think it would be cool is everyone downloaded the app called “myfitnesspal”. It’s free and you can hook up with all your friends to help keep each other on track and see how everyone else is doing. It’s a food and exercise log. Let me know what you think. My username is “sallynolan” so once you’ve downloaded it add me as a friend.

  12. Andrew and I are in. I’ll drink coffee black. šŸ™‚

  13. I am in.

  14. I’m in

  15. ooooookay, its a go

  16. I’m in! Lord help me!

  17. What the heck, I’m in! This will be SUPER challenging for me, ahh!

  18. IN.

  19. I am in, I guess this means I have to give up coffee for a while : ( I can’t drink it black.

  20. I’m in
    Let’s go.
    No Alcohol and black coffee again!!!

  21. I’m doing it.

  22. Jennifer, I used to not be able to drink it black. I can now, but to get there for a long time I drank it with just cinnamon. It helps a lot!

  23. i’m still in after day one… for those of you that were wondering

  24. I’m still in…thanks for the paleo din din Jen!!

    My fitnesspal user name is Hercher.

    Peace, Love and Crossfit!

  25. Still in as well. Of course when I got home last night our kids nanny made the kids sugar cookies with icing. Figures, day one and already got my favorite cookies in front of me. Did not touch them but did watch my kids eat them.

  26. I’m still in. I ate 1/3 a bag of candy on 1/31 as a farewell to sugar!

  27. Question is going to be how many still on after Super Bowl Sunday. I am guessing Gluten-free beer is not going to cut it. Going to be the first year since I was like 16 that I was not drinking during the game.

  28. Still in. Almost used butter for lunch. Wheww

  29. Beer good…Craig bad!!!! Tapped out!! Damn it!

  30. Wow Craig…You should get some prize money for fastest out.
    I’m still in.

  31. Marc-cool way to document the journey, thanks for posting.

    I’m following suit with Craig. Im testing a supplement right now that has mixed reviews as to whether it’s paleo or not? It says “fructrose” on the ingredient list which isn’t paleo and so I’m out.

  32. Coffee black is going well thanks to Bisbee Roasters!

  33. i’m out. a steak just isn’t a steak without a little ketchup.

  34. Still in! Craig, that was a $20 beer!

  35. Christine and I are still in but, to be clear, we intend to win by eating paleo deserts for every meal.

  36. I’m out :(. Had a $20 latte over the weekend. So disappointed in myself but I needed some caffeine!! How did everyone survive Super Bowl Sunday?

  37. Still in. Survived Super Bowl Sunday thanks to Julie. She did alot of research and made sure the snacks she made were Paleo. I was tempted to have a diet soda but stuck to water.

  38. Still in. Did not even watch the Super Bowl.

  39. Chocolate covered strawberries are Paleo, right? J/K…I am out. My friend Kristen made them for me and I couldn’t be rude and not try one (or eat like 20).

  40. I just couln’t resist red velvet cake and I am out : ) Good luck all

  41. Got Crazy sick and “needed” comfort. I am out, due to a 20 dollar plain unbuttered bagel.

  42. So am I out? I think so. Had roasted asparagus and found out after it was roasted in butter. My fault for not asking before I think that puts me out ugh.. How many are still in?

  43. I am still in.

  44. I’m still in.

  45. I think I’m out too. šŸ™ Ironically it’s from eating the pulled pork that was sold at a Crossfit event. Unless … someone can confirm it was paleo.

  46. I’m out. Uggh. Maybe will last longer next time. šŸ™‚

  47. I’m still in, got crazy sick this weekend and wanted comfort food so badly, almost gave up, but, glad to say I made it.

  48. I’m still in!


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