If you want to take advantage of the week free trial please fill out the form to the right and let us know when you’d like to get started.

We welcome any questions you have about us or the services we offer. We do spend most of the day on the training floor so sometimes the phone isn’t the easiest way to get a hold of us, but you can try us at 480-857-2001. The best option is to stop in and see us. We can show you around the gym and will be able to explain what we do more clearly and and why.

If you are new to CrossFit, please come in for your first workout during our class hours Monday through Friday at 5am, 6am, 9am, 10am, 11am, 3:30pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, & 6:30pm. Please try to arrive 15 minutes prior to class start times.

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