A Little More Recovery Time

Shirts and sweatshirts have been ordered. Please get signed up for the Christmas Adopt a Families. We still have lots of needs to be met. Don’t miss out on this chance to make a huge difference in some lives this Christmas. We will plan to deliver the gifts on Sunday Dec. 15th in the afternoon. I’ll get more time specific in a little bit. I would like to see the gift brought in Wrapped, Tagged and ready for delivery beginning the week of Dec. 8th – 13th. Let’s get the Christmas Party tickets sold this week. I need to start gathering accurate head counts for Caterers and Bartenders so lets get this wrapped up soon. Best news of all…. I promise no Tabata’s this week. 4 Rounds for Time: 25 Sit Ups 10 Clean 115/75 25...

Warm Up 11/18 – 11/24

500 m Row 15 Scorpion Stretch 10 Inch Worms 50 Mountain Climbers 25 PVC Pass Throughs 2:00 Rope Swings 5 Skin the Cats or 10 Ring Rows