WOW #12

I loved all the participation on last week’s WOW. Let’s keep it going this week!!! 4:00 AMRAP 20 Overhead Walking Lunges w/ Plate 45/35 20 KB swings 53/35

Double Bells

I have heard great things from everyone who talked to or tried the food from F3 Foods on Saturday. I recommend everyone give them a try and see how you like it. I really think it will make a difference in your nutrition even when you are too busy to cook. Use the code FOREVERSTRONG when you order and you will get 20% off and free shipping for the rest of the month. If you are going to recommend this to friends and family have them use the same code. 10 min. AMRAP: 50 Double Unders 25 KB Swings...

Strength and Endurance 7/22 – 7/28

Strength WOD’s: Week #3 of the 8 week program. Endurance WOD’s: #1. 6 x 400 m Run Rest 2:00 between each #2. Repeat 800m, recover 3:1 until form/pace deteriorates #3. 10k @ 80% 5k TT pace

Warm Up 7/22 – 7/28

40 Calorie Airdyne 50 ft. Walking Lunges w/ Samson Stretch 50 ft. Walking Lunges w/ Rotation 20 Leg Swings (Each Direction, Each Leg) 2:00 Rope Swings 15 Renegade Row Push Ups 15 KB Windmill