You will end up with 3 separate scores for this workout. 4:00 to do: 500 m Row Max Rep Dead Hang Pull Ups Rest 2:00 3:00 to do: 400 m Run Max Rep Front Squat 95/65 Rest 2:00 2:00 Max Rep Burpees

Meet Dr. Nick

I want to pass on a letter from Dr. Nick whom you may or may not know is the new Chiropractor in the front office. Some of you have seen him in the gym working out and some of you have already seen him as patients. Here is a letter from him wanting to introduce...

Strength and Endurance 4/29 – 5/5

Strength WOD’s: We are moving into Week 5 of the program. This will be a MUCH needed back off week before finishing weeks 6 & 7 which will be getting very heavy here really soon. Make sure you are following the loading and reps exactly. Its not supposed to...

Warm Up 4/29 – 5/5

500 m Row 10 Scorpion Stretch 10 Inch Worms 20 PVC Pass Throughs 15 PVC Squatted Shoulder Press 15 Bottoms Up KB Press 10 PERFECT Hand Release Push Ups