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We have a huge 7,000 sq. ft. facility complete with lockers, showers, child care, a 50 ft. pull up rig, and more weight than you could ever need to lift.


No body puts baby in a corner. We have a 1,200 sq. ft. child care room that is staffed daily. We have playhouses, Lego tables, basketball net, and a video feed so you can check on your kids without disturbing them.


At CrossFit Forever Strong we pride ourselves on having the best coaches around. We come from all different walks of life originally, but we all ended up here for one reason…Passion.


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CrossFit Foreverstrong is the largest, most versatile gym space I’ve seen. Jason has made it so that the environment is conducive to meeting the needs and goals of EVERY member. This gym is diverse! We’ve got old members, young members, regional competitors, overweight folks looking to change their life, and everything in between! That makes the gym welcoming to every fitness ability.

I am passionate about this gym, because it’s not just a gym; it’s family.
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Melissa K

Jason and Bruce taught me that you also had to eat differently to build muscle, gain strength and lose fat.  Three years later at age 49, I can honestly say I’m in the best shape of my life and have reached my goals I set 3 years ago.  I now have new goals that I have no doubt I can attain with the help and guidance of Jason, Bruce and my second family at Crossfit Forever Strong! Read More…

Pat G

I love the open gym format! I can work out around my schedule. I enjoy being able to take extra time to work on olympic weight lifting skills, or cardio training, or whatever I feel I need to reach my own goals. I have been recovering from an injury, and Jason and the coaches have been so helpful in modifying the WODs for me so I can still progress towards my goals. Whether you are new to crossfit, or are a seasoned WOD beast, Crossfit Forever Strong will bring out the animal in you. Read More…

Julie G.

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Time away from the gym doesn’t mean Rest Day.

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